Wednesday Review

Apologies for the delay in posting yesterday’s results. I am on business in London and didn’t have the time to update.

Another profitable day yesterday and again it shows having a good portfolio of systems does pay if one has a bad day. The bad day went to Football Bets Direct with 4 losers from 4 bets! Still in profit for the season and confident this will prove so at the end of the season. Another great return from Racing Bets Direct with two successful lays. The trading returned to profit after a difficult couple of nights and there were two selections both paying out nicely. One was Hearts v Celtic and yet again the underdog scored first. I decided to hang on as the 2nd half began and was watching the market on my phone when it went suspended. Couldn’t believe it when the score flashed up as 2-0 and the odds went out to 11 to lock in a very nice profit. Football Betting Data also had a good night with 3 out of 4 paying out and the 4th being a draw no bet so got my stake returned there. Bet Bank Alerts had 3 bets in which one lost, another was stake returned and the final bet won. Small loss on the three selections there.

At the end of this month I will post an individual review of each system I use with my full thoughts on their performance, customer care etc. If any of you wish to contact me directly about anything related to betting you can do so at

Racing Bets Direct
Total Lays = 2
P&L = + €42.46

Betfair Trading Expert
Total Trades = 2
Total P&L = + €50.51

Football Bets Direct
Total Bets = 4
P&L = – €126.63

Football Betting Data
Total Bets = 4
P&L = + €127.92

Bet Bank Alerts
Total Bets = 3
P&L = – €12.50

Total P&L = + €81.76
November P&L = + €548.17

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