Tuesday Trading & Betting Report

Three trading selections tonight from Betfair Trading Expert and certainly two to test the nerves! First up was an easy profitable exit of €20.23 from the Espanyol v Mallorca game. Nice when the goals come early! However the other two games kept me sitting on the edge of my seat for the wrong reasons! Everton v Reading as we know was 0-1 at 1/2 time and I decided to sit until the 70th minute to see if Reading would score a 2nd or Everton equalise early on. Personally I couldn’t wait in the hope that Reading would hold on as Everton pounded the ball into the box each minute. I took a loss of €46.88 on the game which is very frustrating when you have a team one goal up but as I said above I just couldn’t hold on. In the final game Portsmouth v Scunthorpe the score was 0-0 at 1/2 time and as per my strategy took the loss across the board. However over the past few weeks I’ve been looking at other markets to overcome this loss should there be a goal and tonight I put it to the test. I’m glad to say it worked out and it meant I took a single digit profit from the game. Overall a small loss on the three trades tonight but we have two picks already sent through for tomorrow and hopefully a good night will be had. I’d be very keen to hear how you all got on tonight and what decision you made on the Everton v Reading game so please leave your comments below. All of you trading as per the book should have made money overall tonight. Trading is a nervy game at times but as I said in an email today it does give me a great buzz and there’s nothing as enjoyable than seeing a green book!

In my P&L report yesterday I mentioned that Lunchtime Profit Alerts had one bet and that was a winner on the AC Milan v Napoli game. €40 added to the profit line there.

That’s it for tonight. Back tomorrow for more on what’s happening in my world of betting & trading…..





  1. AnonymousMarch 1, 2011 at 10:48 pm

    Those 1.6/4.1 games will kill you in the end…be lucky.

  2. CC801340March 1, 2011 at 10:48 pm

    I stayed in the Everton game until late. I then layed Reading to reduce red on the draw, reduce green on Reading but leave a BIG green on Everton if they came back. Took a lose on Pompey – be interested to hear about your other market to cover.

  3. AnonymousMarch 1, 2011 at 10:51 pm

    Hi Paul, I got out of Reading at 75 mins. I was holding on for the draw odds to start moving but they just didn't (obviously due to the Everton pressure) I know it's still a winning trade if we'd stayed in but an equalizer could have been very costly so I'm happy with the decision I made to get out and as long as I'm happy…

    I laid 1-1 CS Chelsea so made a bit back there and also LTD Sevilla so tiny profit, but it's not a loss!

  4. Admin @ Bet Clever Win MoreMarch 1, 2011 at 11:06 pm

    Not sure what the comment 'Those 1.6/4.1 games will kill you in the end…be lucky' refers to. Maybe you could elaborate a bit further on the 1.6/4.1??

  5. AnonymousMarch 1, 2011 at 11:18 pm

    dog scores first, you're in a whole world of pain…and how often has that happened lately? ALOT!
    At those odds you might as well just backed Everton for lot less than draw liability?
    (that's what i'd do anyway)