Trading Selections February 13th

A very good evenings trading was had yesterday and all that I had set up more or less fell into place. In the first game of the day Fenerbahce took the lead on the 21st minute and at that stage I had only one quarter of my stake matched but nonetheless cashed out for small profit. A normal punter may have decided to stick with it and wait for a second goal but as a trader the opportunity was there to close out and that’s what I did and the game ended 1-0. Moving onto the Championship selections and from the four selected I traded in all except Hull v Rotherham. The only reason I didn’t get involved in that was due to Hull taking an early 2-0 lead. In the others it was plain sailing with a 60th minute correct score lay in Birmingham v Bolton and the away team surprised with a goal on the 71st minute. I had mentioned in my post that I would lay Bolton if they took the lead up to the 70th minute and as I stated on Twitter was not doing so given that was outside of my rules. This was a good decision as the game finished 0-1. Also on Twitter I advised a lay of Nottingham Forest at half time as they were 1-0 up and my reasoning was due to the dominance of West Brom who controlled 63% of possession in the first half. We didn’t have to wait too long as the equaliser came on the 54th minute and I traded out for a good return. The final trade of the night was a lay of QPR who took the lead just on the half time mark. Bristol City took over in the second half and it never looked like QPR were going to take the 3 points with the home team eventually equalising on the 73rd minute and eventually scored again in the 93rd. All in all it was a great evening and let’s hope that rolls into today’s selections.

Switzerland Super league

Luzern v Sion

Backing Over 2.5 Goals on this but will wait for the first 15-20 minutes to see if there’s much action before doing so. Ideally I’d like to be getting on when the odds pass 2 which will probably take those 20 minutes anyway. The criteria for me will be to see what happens in the first half and cash out regardless of there being goals or not at half time.

France Ligue 1

St Etienne v Strasbourg

Backing Over 0.5 Goals in the Half Time market and will drip my stake from 1.8 up to 2.7


Preston North End v Norwich

14th versus 1st and I’ll be on the lookout for Preston to take the lead any time before the 70th minute. Should that happen I will lay them.

Leeds v Swansea

Over 1.5 Goals looks strong in this game but the odds are too low to get involved pre kick off. I’ll keep a watch on this and see how the game starts but the two options may be to either drip back the Over 1.5 if the price goes above 1.6 before any goal is scored or lay the correct score from around the 55-60 minute time period.

Sheffield United v Middlesbrough

Laying the draw here but only if the odds reach 3 before any goal is scored. The wait will allow me also to monitor how the game is flowing.

That’s the lot for today. I will monitor both Champions League games in-play and if anything jumps out as an opportunity I will tweet it. Have a great day.

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