Edge Lays Is A Must

Following my broadcast last Friday I was inundated with requests to share details of the horse laying service which is creating a huge amount of interest and rightly so. I planned to hold off until the New Year but there’s a huge amount of quality racing approaching us in the next few days and with most people off work there’s no better time to get on board.


Racing Edge UK is as mentioned above a horse laying service which is run by a guy called Neil who has over 30 years experience in this particular field. I first came across Neil about 3 & 1/2 years ago and have followed him very closely since. What he offers is a trustworthy, high quality service which has more than proven itself over the last 12 months. Let’s have a look at the results over the last year. There are three staking options as follows:


  1. Stick to odds of 6.00 and under                                                                                      

  2. Include odds above 6.00 (all selections)

  3. Include odds above 6.00 and apply the Maria Staking Plan

Now let’s take a closer look at the returns from each of the above:


Option 1

£29,100 Profit to £100 level stakes

Total Bets 1,404 – Wins 1,136

Strike Rate 80.9%

Average Odds 4.23


Option 2

£38,000 Profit to £100 level stakes

Total Bets 1,637 – Wins 1,350

Strike Rate 82.5%

Average Odds 4.63


Option 3

£7,449 compounded profit from a starting bank of £350

£21,285 profit from a £1,000 bank


Each option as you see is very impressive. I myself have employed the Maria Staking Plan (option 3) with a starting bank of £1,000. I’d not come across this before and it’s very simple to implement. Neil will explain when you join but if you want to know more now just do a search on it. The maximum stake at all times will be just 1% of your overall bank. As I write the bank has increased to £1,131.54 so my next lay stake will be £11.31. This should be slightly higher as I missed a couple of winners which I forgot about at the time. It all comes down to personal preference what type of staking plan you want to do. If I can earn anywhere near the £21,285 next year I will be extremely happy. I’m very confident in recommending this service which is now well and truly in my personal portfolio.


You can view the full list of results here going back over 12 months and for those that do join Neil plans to launch an additional service on New Years Eve called National Hunt Secrets which he claims will add significantly to our banks. The Racing Edge site is full of information along with complete results over the last 12 months. Do take a bit of time while it’s quiet to have a read.


Yet again have a great Christmas!








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