The €20,000 Challenge

Where have the weeks gone??? I’ve had a hectic 5/6 weeks with a huge amount of travel, conferences, meetings and on top of that football betting research! 


Between the busy days and weeks I have been doing a huge amount of work behind the scenes on researching football leagues and teams across the world and in mid January I decided it was time to move things up to a higher level. Over the last number of years I’ve dipped in and out of numerous services that have covered every single aspect of how to make money from betting on football matches. Some have been straightforward football betting services while most were focused on football trading. I’m sure like me many of you have experienced that day where you felt you could do it better yourself and it was a moment like that in mid January when I decided that I was now going alone in pursuit of my personal targets for 2014. Rather than carry two or three other football services in my portfolio I felt it was time to drop them for no other reason than I want to be the master of my own destiny and if it goes wrong I can blame no one but myself. On the horse racing front I’ve made no changes there and will explain that a bit further on.


Once I made that decision it was time to set out the goal for the months and year ahead. I set aside a bank of €2,000 and my objective is to turn that into €20,000. How long that takes I do not know. It may take 6 months, 9 months, a year, two years! Ideally I’d like to close 2014 on achieving that objective and one thing that will prove so important is discipline. The selections are all shared with members of my private service and they include what I call the ‘official’ games which are emailed out every day and the ‘personal’ games which I choose on the go. Unfortunately I don’t yet have the time to research every game in every league in advance! On the staking front the bank dictates how much I place on every lay and I’ve set out certain percentages on the price I am taking on. Everything I get involved in is a lay and the majority are 1-0, 0-1 and the draw. Just today I introduced the draw lay having done some testing and in-depth research over the last 5 weeks. This is not the old lay the draw trading method, it’s a straightforward lay which pays out once the game has not ended on level terms. 


Now that everything was in place I set out on my journey on January 31st and will admit I kind of lost the run of myself. A very wet and miserable weekend meant I was indoors for far too long and  the bank increased and decreased over the few days. Week 1 finished at – €99.75 and this was then followed in week 2 with another loss of €91.18. This couldn’t continue and I felt it was time to introduce the draw lays and tighten up other criteria which had a positive impact with week 3 to date standing at + €178.04. My maximum lay stakes currently are €20 which is just 1% of the starting bank. Obviously the higher the bank the higher the stakes become but at no stage will I ever lay more than 1% of my bank.This is crucial to ensure I stay focused and maintain that all important discipline during difficult runs. Lay price is also very important and I’m keen to keep it as low as possible for obvious reasons. The current average is 3.88 which I’m very happy with. On the selections front it varies and I’ve been across the world literally! Wherever the opportunity is I will be there and one of my tweets last Sunday morning highlighted a ‘very strong draw lay’ in Vietnam of all places. The game ended 4-1! If I see a strong stand out for laying the draw or making money on laying the correct score I will be there regardless of where the game is being played. 


With my busy period now behind me I really hope to be in a position to share this challenge with you all on a regular basis. I mentioned at the beginning of this post that I was maintaining the horse racing services and I’ve got two in the stable (forgive the pun!). Both are from Neil at Racing Edge UK and cover laying and backing. The laying service I wrote about in December and January and after a good steady start it experienced a tricky period with a number of the horses winning which is not what we want. However it’s steadied up since and I’m only down €4 since I began which is no problem at all. I don’t think the recent weather has helped so the real test should now begin. The other service which Neil launched in January is National Hunt Secrets which is where we back each of the selections listed per race. I set aside a €400 bank for this and it currently stands at €445.79. I’m backing each selection with just 0.5% stakes so tomorrow’s selections will be backed with stakes of €2.23. I’m extremely confident in both services and feel they will be a great contributor to my overall bank this year on top of my own personal football service. Just this afternoon National Hunt Secrets delivered a lovely winner in the 2.50 at Wetherby at odds of 42.16. Check out the results on their website as there have been some very big wins at odds of 150, 160 +.


That’s it from me today. I promise I’ll work hard on keeping the results updated and any other relevant news.





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