100% Football Night

Having launched my new Bet Clever Football 2014 service yesterday I was quite excited as half time drew closer in the Leicester v Derby game as it looked likely there would be a qualifying correct score lay. Just before the break I decided to take the dog out for a walk and she very reluctantly made it as far as the front gate before deciding that was enough! As I settled back at my desk I noticed the aforementioned game had a suspended market on Betfair and thought nothing of it until I checked my Twitter feed to literally feel the frustration coming through. The site was down yet again. Thinking it would sort itself out in a matter of minutes I couldn’t believe it when the second half had literally just begun and Leicester took a 2-0 lead. Betfair was still down and a lovely winning lay had just passed by. As I wrote to my members it was like having the cash in your hand only to see it slip away! If you’re interested in joining the Bet Clever Football service check out yesterdays post for further details.


It was overall a 100% night on the football thanks to Goal Profits and Football Trading Portfolio. FTP is a separate service being operated by a Goal Profits member and tonight it had two ‘Goal Before Half Time’ selections which are basically a 0-0 lay in the first half market and both produced wins while the ‘Either Side To Win’ selections also both won. The ESTW is a straight lay the draw with no trading whatsoever and it’s great for me as I prefer not to be waiting to trade these days. I did however trade one selection from FTP tonight and that was a Under 2.5 Scalping on Aberdeen v Hibernian which also delivered profit so a superb day for this service. Goal Profits had two Correct Score trades and one Lay The Draw trade but I took part in the latter which was a same selection to FTP (Tours v Caen). I decided to double up in stakes and while the Goal Profits strategy is to trade out at a certain point in the match I decided to remain in as I was watching the game and felt the home team would hold on. Leaving aside the Betfair issues it was a superb 100% return night overall.


Finally for today Racing Edge had three lays with 2 wins and 1 loss. It’s frustrating at the moment as there are so many races abandoned which is certainly limiting the amount of lays available. Up until today’s loss we had just enjoyed a run of 5 winners in a row and my bank now stands at €1,150 from a starting position of €1,000. By the way I received news yesterday from Neil who runs Racing Edge that his National Hunt Secrets service will be launched on Wednesday next January 15th. I’m really looking forward to seeing this as he claims to have made ₤13,000 profit from a ₤400 starting bank in 2013. Now that’s impressive! I’ll be signing up to this as soon as it launches and will include in my regular updates how it is performing. 


Looks like a busy Saturday lies ahead so here’s to a profitable day!


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