Risk Free Football Accumulator Profits

Earlier this week I posted a tweet (see here) showing four winning football accumulator betting slips thanks to a superb product called Accumulator Generator. This sparked a really good reply via direct message from a good friend who said “there is no way you can make money by betting on football accumulators, I’ve been doing them for years and consistently lose money. How is this any different”? My reply was as follows, “I guarantee you Philip if you spend £1 on the 14 day offer and start the Affluence System you will never look at placing another acca like what you’ve been doing for years ever again”. My reason for such a bold statement is because Accumulator Generator does exactly what it says:


You can lock in a profit on all of your football accumulator bets regardless of the outcome.


Before I get into the nuts and bolts of how this works let me also explain that the man behind this is none other than Mike Cruickshank who has brought us RISK FREE services such as Bonus Bagging. Each Way Sniper and Profit Maximiser. It’s no secret that all three helped me earn €15,000 in just six months back in 2015 and virtually all of that was risk free. It was his £500 to £5,000 Affluence System which captured my attention and this is what I am doing but have approached it slightly different in that I have set aside the bank myself as I had it ear marked for investment in something completely different but felt why not just go for full Advantage Play! This is completely personal and I only recommend that you follow Mike’s simple guide on whatever strategy you pick. One thing I can assure you is that if you stick to the rules YOU WILL make consistent profits with Accumulator Generator.


What is Accumulator Generator?

Accumulator Generator is an ingenious software system whereby when you place any accumulator bet, Accumulator Generator hedges all possible outcomes and lays against the potential refund so you make an equal profit…REGARDLESS OF THE OUTCOME!


How does it work?

Very simple. Depending on what type of strategy you have chosen i.e. £500 to £5,000 Affluence System, Advantage Play, Lay All, Lock In Profit etc. you will firstly begin by viewing what the software has come up with as shown below.







For the purposes of explaining I will select the accumulator selection at the bottom of the above screen shot. This then opens up into a page as follows.



As you can see everything is done for you in regard to match selection, back odds, lay odds and stakes. All that’s left to do now is place your accumulator bet and depending again on what your strategy is take the necessary steps to either lock in guaranteed profit or let it run its full course without any further action.


Can I turn £500 into £5,000 Risk Free?

Absolutely and this is my favourite part of Accumulator Generator. This is referred to as the Affluence System and takes you step by step through how to turn £500 into £5,000 to ultimately withdrawing £840 per month thereafter. You will be guided through a 3 Step Plan where you’ll see your bank grow to that £5,000 target all RISK FREE. Once you’ve reached that goal you’ll be enjoying a very decent return per month into your hand. Just ask yourself this, if someone said to you for a few minutes work every week for 8 months with zero risk you’ll have a £5,000 bank from your starting bank of £500 would you turn it down? Me neither!


How much does it cost?

Initial fee of just £1 which gives you 14 days access and this is followed by a payment of £99 + vat for 12 months. Following the guidelines you will probably have this back within the first two weeks. Join right here.


Can I secure guaranteed profit every time I place a football accumulator bet?



What is Advantage Play?

This is recommended for users with more than one years experience and comes into action once you’ve hit the £5,000 target under the Affluence System.


Do I need online bookmaker accounts only?

No. You can also place your football accumulator bets in shops. This is what I do myself and I’m limited to three options which has presented me with no problems. In fact today is my first full month and I have placed 47 separate bets all in shops.


Where can I read more information or sign up?

Right here 


Remember it’s only £1 for your first 14 days which gives you ample time to get the profits rolling in.

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