Racing & Football Results

The weather is not helping Racing Edge with so many meetings being called off but we have seen three lays over the last two days with 2 wins on Monday unfortunately followed up by a loss today. Based on my bank my lay stakes were as follows on each – €7.04, 7.08 and €7.12. As each lay was over odds of 5.0 the lay stake was calculated by 0.6% of my overall bank. The loss today reduced the bank to €1,155.06 but it is still ahead by 11.5% and at no stage since I began has my bank been in a negative.


Very little also on the football end of things and the only action has been from Football Trading Portfolio. An easy win in the end last night on the ‘Either Side To Win’ selection with Real Madrid winning 3-0 versus Elche and tonight both FTP and Goal Profits supplied another lay the draw selection on Halifax Town v Salisbury however that match was called off due to the weather.


Roll on the weekend when we’ve got plenty of football action and hopefully this awful weather will calm down!

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