P&L Report January 31st – February 6th

Not the best of days on Sunday to end the week. Tough across the various betting services that were in play with the exception of Bet Bank Alerts who had one bet and that was ultimately one of just two bets winning on the day. How typical it was with my Saturday report on 100% success from FBD and nice returns from the trading as both had a poor day on Sunday. In fact FBD had 100% loss on the day!!! The complete opposite from the previous day. To top it off there were 4 bets from Sports Bet USA on the Super Bowl and just the one ended up in the winners enclosure to really put the nail in on a difficult day. I sat and watched the first quarter feeling confident of a good end to the day and with a bet on under 9.5 points in the 1st I felt with under 4  minutes left to play that it was in the bag. However a shocking pass by the Pittsburgh quarterback ended that hope and I went to bed with that feeling it was just not going to be my day.

Yet this is the game we all play and there will always be days like yesterday. So I’ve dusted myself down and am ready to take on another week!! I’ve had many days like yesterday and it doesn’t bother me too much as I know once I stick to my rules it’ll pick up again.
No joy from my own bets at the weekend but the midweek 8/1 over 2.5 win has ensured a 3.5 points profit overall over 5 bets to date. I will look to the weekend again for another bet to improve on the profit line.

I’ve been asked again to focus on From The Stables and will do so probably next week. This will go members only. Thank you to Dario who was first to inform me why so many people were asking me about Dutch & Win. I believe it was mentioned along with Betfair Bullion on another blog. As I mentioned yesterday I lost using Dutch & Win last year and stuck with it like I do with all the services I use for a number of months. It failed to make me money at any stage and the same can be said for Betfair Bullion. Of course things change and if anyone can provide actual results for both I will consider changing my opinion but for now it is in my failed basket.

Before I go into the P&L detail I have been studying a way to minimise a way to reduce the losses on 0-0 games at the point where we have to get out. I need another day to compile the full data but on looking into what I’ve been recording I may have found a way to take a lighter hit than what’s currently being experienced. I’ll send an email to members tomorrow evening with my thoughts and post here also.

Below you will find the P&L from January  the last 7 days and year to date (YTD).

P&L January 31st – February 6th

Betfair Trading Expert
Total Trades = 19 (Lay Stake €100)
Week P&L = + €36.71
YTD P&L = + €692.08

Total Bets = 1
Week P&L = – €40
YTD P&L = + €52.88

Bet Bank Alerts
Total bets = 4
Week P&L = + €67
YTD P&L = + €200.70

Football Bets Direct
Total Bets = 7
Week P&L = – €68.46
YTD P&L = + €42.27

Sports Bet USA
Total Bets = 4
Week P&L = – €100
YTD P&L = + €32.63

Lunchtime Profit Alerts
Total bets = 3
Week P&L = + €23.50
YTD P&L = – €355.50

Football Betting Data
Total Bets = 3
Week P&L = – €45
YTD P&L = – €545.37

Over 2.5 Goals Accumulator
Total Bets = 3
Week P&L = + €141.44
YTD P&L = + €81.44

Lunchtime Profit Alerts
U Cant Lose
Bet Bank Alerts
Football Betting Data
Football Bets Direct
The Insider





  1. AnonymousFebruary 8, 2011 at 10:24 pm


    you've missed the link to Sports Bet USA – an oversight?

  2. Admin @ Bet Clever Win MoreFebruary 8, 2011 at 10:33 pm

    The publishers of this site are in the process of providing me with a free trial for anyone that's interested. I'm awaiting them to finish the link but hope to get it this week.

  3. AnonymousFebruary 9, 2011 at 12:10 am


    So since the start of the year your profit is 200 euro, is that correct? What about the cost of the services how much has that cost as well?

    Thanks for the blog.

  4. Admin @ Bet Clever Win MoreFebruary 9, 2011 at 10:27 am

    Yes that is correct.Unfortunately Lunchtime Profit Alerts & Football Betting Data have caused big losses. The only service I pay a monthly fee to is Football Bets Direct and that is £47 per month (beginning to become expensive based on YTD results).I paid £400 for life membership to Sports Bet USA,Bet Bank Alerts & The Insider last August.Betfair Trading Expert was a one off charge around €60 if memory serves me right & that was paid last October.I purchased Cashbuilder about 2 years ago and that too was a one off fee. Lunchtime Profit Alerts was £29 for a full year & Champions League Bet was just over £40 for a full year also. So the only service I pay for at present is Football Bets Direct as the rest were purchased last August/September. If you need any further information please let me know.

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