April Results & News Of A Potential Football Strategy

Here we are now approaching mid May and at long last for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere the sun is shining! I always hear a moan at this time of the year from some people as the major European leagues are approaching the end of season and while I absolutely love the Premiership, La Liga, Bundesliga etc. I’m never despondent as there are plenty of money making opportunities from a multitude of leagues over the June to August period.


At present I’m very busy with a couple of big projects one being the publication of the entire breakdown of my betting portfolio which has been requested by quite a number of people and secondly I’m testing my own personal football laying strategy which as you’ll see in the screen shot below gave me a profit of €457.96 from May 1st to 7th.



I’ve been working on this for quite some time and a couple of small tweaks have resulted in significant returns. In fact right now a Russian Premier League game passed my qualifying criteria which as you’ll see in the picture below resulted in a return of €47.70 for an outlay of €12.50.



I’m very excited about this as it can be used on any league matches worldwide and for small liabilities it potentially delivers high returns. Early days yet but my plan is to keep testing for another 2-3 months in preparation for the 2017/2018 season. Like everything else I’ll post my results here on a weekly basis.


Onto everything else that’s been happening and you may have seen I mentioned two new additions to the portfolio a couple of weeks ago – Quentin Franks Racing and Master Racing Tipster. Personally I had a very good period as I joined both near the end of the month and with a full month ahead I’ll be in a better position to report fully on the regular results. I plan to add another horse racing service to my portfolio from the Betting Gods stable (no pun intended!) as the team behind this are superb and only promote betting services that prove to be profitable over a significant trial period. I’d highly recommend you sign up for their free mailing list to be kept up to date with how each tipster is performing along with an array of free tips on a daily basis. To do so just click here and follow the on screen instruction.


Football Value Tips

With the monthly profit for January to March standing at £200 Football Value Tips had a slight dip in April returning an overall profit of £59.30. The month had started off well but some unfortunate results near the end what had looked like another strong return. All in all the service has produced profit every month year to date so that cant be ignored.


Results (Recorded to £10 Stakes)

January               +£184.60

February             +£275

March                  +£140.00

April                     +£59.30               

Total                     +£658.90


Dead Certs

Unfortunately it was a negative month for Dead Certs, the partner service to Football Value Tips. After such a great start to the year the service hit a bump in the road with an overall loss recorded of £177. I’m not concerned about this at all as this football tipping service has been very solid in all the months I’ve been on it and as you’ll see from the monthly returns so far this year April has seen the only deficit and overall it stands at a profit of £581.50. The importance of having a strong betting portfolio is if one or more services have a difficult month the chances are the performance of the rest will balance things out.


Results (Recorded to £10 Stakes)

January      +£328.50

February     +£295.50

March          +£134.50

April             -£177

Total             +£581.50


Football Betting Alerts

A great comeback it has to be said after that difficult start to the month when the half time lays started April off on such a negative. At one point the losses stood at £538 but a consistent level of returns brought the deficit back to manageable figures. I rarely pop into the chat room as I’m so focussed on my own work but I do know that members seem to be enjoying additional profits from tips being shared by some of the pros who frequent it. Some good news on this front and it will certainly make me log in from time to time is that they are merging the chat rooms of their other services which should bring together some very good minds to help us all gain a few extra quid.


Results (Recorded to £10 Stakes)

February              +£226

March                   +172

April                      -£92

Total                      +£306


Golf Betting Expert

One of the best £1 I ever spent was signing up for this service! The profit for April amounted to a massive £777.50 on the back of two big wins at 45/1 and 33/1 along with other selections that were placed. This is really one to have a long term mind set about because not every week will deliver massive returns. All it takes is one win to fire the profits up and with this service standing at over £8,000 in over 15 months that’s proof enough for me that’s its one to keep. As a big golf fan I’m really looking forward to some massive tournaments ahead including The Players Championship, US Open, BMW PGA Championship and The Open to name but a few.


Results (Recorded to £10 Stakes)

April                       +£777.50


That’s all for now. As I mentioned at the start I’m currently working on publishing a report which contains details on what is in my entire betting portfolio. I have held off on mentioning a few football and horse racing services for the simple reason that I am monitoring performances but they have an excellent track record and I’ll probably leave it until the full report to announce what they are. I will keep you updated on my own personal strategy and how it performs every week. I’ve decided not to post any further selections on Twitter for the moment as I cant get around to sharing them all so the one’s I do are a bit hit and miss.

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