Football Lays Adding Up

Another profitable week has just gone by but not as big as the previous one. However, I begin every new week with one objective and that is to end it Sunday night in positive figures and that is exactly what happened so I can’t complain. It was the football lays which produced the goods over the 7 days. The week began well on Monday with five lays across various leagues and by close of business my bank had increased by €81.89. Just the one loss across the evening and that was a 1.30 lay so no damage done. The average lay price on all of Monday’s selections came in at 2.40 which meant I could have taken another loss and still got out with a profitable day. Tuesday saw three lays between the English League One and Two and again it was a profitable night of football with a return of €25.44. Moving onto Wednesday and there wasn’t a lot to choose from but I did manage to find some very strong stand out lays in Malta and Brazil with both producing the goods to give a full return and €44.39 profit. With Europa League action on Thursday it was a busier day and in total I found seven lays which met my criteria. Out of those seven I managed to find five winning lays and they produced a total profit of €62.98. Like earlier in the week the two losses were at low odds (1.40 & 1.60) so they didn’t have too much impact on the P&L.


And so the weekend began! Like the day prior I placed seven lays across the evening and experienced just one loss. That loss was a draw lay in the Besiktas v Antalyspor match which really surprised me but I’ve got used to the odd surprise or two over the years. It was a shame as the other six performed just as I thought and I banked €54.10 on the day itself.  After a profitable run of five days it was a knock back to earth on Saturday with some disappointing results. I had a feeling things were not going to go as planned when a 90th minute equaliser killed my draw lay in the Spezia v Ternana game. The away team had a man sent off late in the second half but still managed to bang in a goal to spoil my premature celebrations! I had just got into my car after a round of golf when that goal alter came in too! In total I had thirteen football lays across Saturday with eight of those winning. The winners however could not turn the day into a profitable one and I took a loss of €156.67 on the chin and got ready for the final day of the week. Sunday was business as normal and it was really looking good with the first seven lays all winning. Another draw lay let me down and again this was one which looked very strong to do everything but that. The day saw me lay twelve markets across various European leagues and ten of those went on to produce a profit of €89.46. A very good week overall with six days producing profit and overall a total profit of €201.59 was achieved. My €2,000 starting bank now stands at €2,427.21 so only €17,572.79 to go to achieving the €20,000 target! A new week begins today and I’ve identified four potential lays to get it going. My stake today will be €24.27 (1% of the overall bank) and if I had one wish for the week it would be that by the final whistle on Sunday night my bank is at least around €2,700. We shall see….


Onto the horse racing and unfortunately I can’t say it was as good as the week before. Just a few wins for National Hunt Secrets and with my staking plan of 0.5% of my bank the week ended minus €83.66. The maximum stake I had over the week was €2.61. The week was saved with a nice 30.53 Betfair SP winner yesterday and my starting bank of €400 is now at €438.33. Racing Edge Lays gave us 5 lays over the week with 4 of them being successful. The one that crossed the line in first place however meant I had a very small loss of €4.99 over the seven days.


Before I go I have to mention what’s been happening over at Goal Profits. February finished with a profit of £315 to £10 stakes on the correct score trading and over the month a total of 10 target scores were hit. Huge amount of work has also gone into the Team Stats sections which certainly seems to be producing profitable results for many. For those interested in trading it’s worth noting that the first months membership fee has reduced significantly should you wish to get involved.

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