Football, Golf & Horse Racing Profits

A great week across the board with profit spread over football, golf and horse racing as the picture below shows.

Football, golf and horse racing returns

Football, golf and horse racing returns

It was one of those weeks where anything I wanted to go right did exactly that. Having had a couple of weeks where my football results were sub standard I cut a few things out and it certainly made a difference for the good. The decision to drop every other football service and focus solely on my own selections also proved to be a difference as this was the best week overall.


On the €2,000 to €20,000 challenge the bank made a nice jump to finish on Sunday night at €2,225.62. Saturday was certainly the highlight of the week with 22 winning lays from 23. At the start of the day my maximum stakes were €20 and the profits earned meant that Sunday’s stake increased to just over €22. At no stage will I stake higher than 1% of my bank. There will be and have been losing runs and in order for me to achieve my target I must be disciplined. Overall the week went as follows:


1-0/0-1 Lays                                                                                                                                                             

Total Lays = 12

Winning Lays = 11

P&L = €150.00

Draw Lays

Total Lays = 35

Winning Lays = 26

P&L = – €45.50

In-Play Lays

Total Lays = 11

Winning Lays = 10

P&L = €78.66


Moving in the right direction and important now that I build on that be it small or large in the weeks ahead.


Moving onto the horse racing side of things and it was a cracking week for Racing Edge UK and National Hunt Secrets. On the horse lays it was a clean sweep of 9 winning lays. Before that there was 11 winning lays in a row so it’s starting to get back to where it was which is great. I already mentioned that it went through a difficult period but I stuck with it as I’ve huge confidence that Racing Edge UK will be a highly successful horse laying service this year. The starting bank of €1,000 is now at €1,045.09. On NH Secrets again patience paid off as it delivered some superb wins across the week with the biggest winning odds at 42.16 Betfair SP which you can see from the image below.

National Hunt Secrets 42.16 Betfair SP

National Hunt Secrets 42.16 Betfair SP

I have to say I really enjoy this service and as the bets are placed at Betfair SP it allows me to go about my daily business as I set them all up in the morning. I set aside a bank of €400 for NH Secrets and that is now at €521.99.



The final addition to the bank was from the WGC Matchplay and if we could have more events like this I’d be a very wealthy man! Matchplay golf offers superb trading opportunities and this is where I made the money from over the 5 days. Roll on the Ryder Cup in September as the 2012 contest was probably the best I’ve ever experienced in terms of price swings.


So it’s the start of another new week and as I write the first of my football lays of the week is in action. There are also a number of selections from NH Secrets this afternoon and one lay from Racing Edge UK. Hopefully the week will begin where last week ended!



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