Edge Racing 7 Out Of 7

Hope you all have had a lovely Christmas so far. It’s certainly been great for those of us who are members of Racing Edge UK. I wrote very strongly about this earlier in the week and feel that this is going to be a significant contributor to my bank next year. Yesterday saw 7 winning lays out of 7 and since I began on December 6th my bank has now increased by just under 20% which is a great start. In total there has been 41 lays since then and out of that 37 have won. Looking at yesterdays horses the average lay price was 4.90 and that is based on the prices I layed and not Betfair SP.


With regard to my bank I decided to start with  £1,000 and apply the Maria Staking Plan which is working out very well so far. After yesterday’s wins my bank has now increased to £1,199.15. There are three different staking options using the aforementioned plan. I am following Neil’s advice in that all horses up to and including odds of 5.0 will be layed with a 1% bank stake, that then reduces to 0.6% on horses between odds of 5.1 and 7.4 and then 0.2% for all within the 7.6 to 11 price bracket. For the time being I will keep this plan in place rather than level stakes and see how the bank grows. On level stakes had I placed lets say £10 per lay since I joined the profit would be £225.50 which is slightly above where I’m at currently. Looking at Neil’s results spread sheet is very impressive and on £100 lay stakes the profit stands at a whopping £39,748 since November 2012. That type of staking is not for everyone but at just £10 stakes the profit in 12 months is £3,974 which is an excellent return. 


I know it’s early days but I have to say I’m very impressed and extremely confident in this service. For more information on Racing Edge UK click here.


Enjoy the last few days of 2013 and hopefully they’ll be profitable!





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