• The Profit Returns!

    15 Nov 2010 Off Comments

    As soon as I posted my blog at lunchtime today the first of three profit making opportunities came in. Just three opportunities overall today with one successful racing lay from Racing Bets Direct & two easy trades from Ian Erskine’s FTS...

  • The High’s and the LOWS!!

    15 Nov 2010 Off Comments

    As mentioned in my short post last night it was a really difficult day across all systems. These days happen but thankfully not very often but when they do you must accept it and move on. I saw quite a few others suffered the same on various other systems...

  • Sunday Brief Review

    14 Nov 2010 Off Comments

    Just a short post as time is against me. I will do a full update tomorrow afternoon. Well what a tough day…….The trades were challenging to say the least and other systems also underperformed. But it is part of the game and must be accepted...

  • Saturday’s Profits

    13 Nov 2010 Off Comments

    It’s a very long time that I remember having a Saturday where I didn’t make money. Yet again another good day. Some did very well, others did poorly but the most important thing is with a good portfolio it will be rare to have a bad week....

  • Another 100% Day for Football Trading

    13 Nov 2010 Off Comments

    Yet another 100% day for Betfair Trading Expert with 5 successful trades out of 5. Yet again this service proves to be extremely profitable. There are other football trading services out there but in my opinion no one offers the same volume...

  • A Very Busy Day Ahead!

    13 Nov 2010 Off Comments

    All selections are now in for 8 services I use. Over €1,000 invested overall so lets hope for a very good day. I’m out for the afternoon and will see if I can do my trading over the phone. The number of selections for each service are listed...

  • Football Bets Direct Win Tonight

    12 Nov 2010 Off Comments

    Good result from Football Bets Direct tonight with Dortmund winning 2-0. A winning start to the weekend! Football Bets DirectTotal Bets = 1P&L = + €20.02 Total P&L = + €20.02November P&L = + €598.19

  • Weekend Preview

    12 Nov 2010 3 Comments

    Only one bit of action tonight coming from Football Bets Direct and hopefully a return to winning ways there. Yesterday also saw just one selection and that came from Racing Bets Direct which once again was a successful lay. Again very...

  • Wednesday Review

    11 Nov 2010 Off Comments

    Apologies for the delay in posting yesterday’s results. I am on business in London and didn’t have the time to update. Another profitable day yesterday and again it shows having a good portfolio of systems does pay if one has a bad day. The...

  • Busy Night Again!

    10 Nov 2010 Off Comments

    Another busy night ahead with two trades from Betfair Trading Expert, four bets from Football Betting Data, three from Bet Banks Alert & four from Football Bets Direct. Another superb day from Racing Bets Direct with yet another two successful...