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Busy times here at Bet Clever Win More HQ! My personal betting portfolio is at a very good stage with some rock solid services each with a proven track record of delivering regular profits from betting and trading. Today I’ve outlined how each service is performing and also news of my own strategy which has given me something to work on over these quieter months.





This is my own personal strategy at present and as you may have seen in previous posts the profits over the first two weeks had been quite impressive. As the main European leagues came to an end the opportunities for profits certainly dropped off but it has still remained to deliver and my approach now is to continue over the summer with applying it to the leagues in Japan, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Ireland, Brazil, Argentina etc. It’s going to be September before I can really see if this is a serious contender for consistent long term profits. As you’ll see below the profits currently stand at £590 since May 1st. Maximum liability at any time is £15 and maximum return is £75 (minus Betfair discount). If successful I will certainly be aiming for a maximum return of £300 but this is a good bit away yet as I continue with the testing.



May                       +£484.88

June                      +£105.77

2017                       +£590.65


Football Value Tips

May was disappointing but it’s been the only negative month year to date. That brought the average returns down from £200 per month to £114 but June has started well with profit of £224.70 achieved. This has obviously given the pot a nice boost for the remaining few weeks so hopefully that figure will increase to bring up the average again.


Results (Recorded to £10 Stakes)

January               +£184.60

February             +£275

March                  +£140.00

April                    +£59.30              

May                      -£200.90

June                     +£224.70

2017                      +£734.60


Dead Certs, the sister service of Football Value Tips also had a deficit in May but like above is in positive territory for the year and while it’s a far way off in terms of June we still have a profit of £17.50 for this month so far.


Results (Recorded to £10 Stakes)

January                +£328.50

February              +£295.50

March                   +£134.50

April                      -£177

May                       -£31

June                      +£17.50

2017                      +£568


Football Betting Alerts

Still one of my favourites and it must be said is plodding along very well. May became the best performing month of the year so far with £260 profit and along with the £10 in June it’s now at £576 for the year. The main focus now is on the correct score lays and personally this is a preference for me versus the lay the draw selections. With a huge amount of work going on in the background I’m really looking forward to this service from mid August onwards.


February              +£226

March                   +£172

April                      -£92

May                       +£260

June                      +£10

2017                       +£576


Pro Footy Tips

Here’s a new addition to the portfolio. I came across this via the Betting Gods website and looking at previous results decided to include it as I was on the look out for another ‘set and forget’ football betting service. Since this launched in March 2016 it has achieved over £2,100 profit. Average odds come in around 4.6 which has resulted in some very decent wins two of which were in the last week at 8.5 and 6.5. As both were advised at 2 point stakes the return overall amounted to £260. I feel this will be a steady little earner and a welcoming addition to the portfolio.


January                +£32

February              -£403

March                   +£509.40

April                      +£148.40

May                       – £100.90

June                      +£234

2017                      +£419.90




Golf Betting Expert

I described this last month as being ‘one of the best £1 I ever spent’ and still stick to that! This guy certainly knows his golf and while May was unfortunate to fall short with a loss of £76.20 it has already begun June with a profit of £132.50. Huge week as I’m sure you’re aware with the second major of the year, US Open, taking place. Selections range from 250/1 down to 50/1 so hopefully one or more will end up in the places.


January                +£112.50

February              +£5

March                   +£2033.70

April                      +£717.50

May                       -£76.20

June                      +£132.50

2017                      +£2,925


Horse Racing


Quentin Franks Racing

If you follow me on Twitter (follow here) you’ll have seen my post on June 9th re the excellent results from the days selections. Wins at odds of 10/1, 11/8, and 11/4 gave a superb return of over £250 and June now sits at £370 profit.



I rate this service very highly and as you’ll see below the returns this year are just under £1,000. Any horse racing service you may join must be entered with a disciplined mind set as they all go through periods where losses occur. Two scenarios I can imagine on looking at the P&L below. Person A joins at the beginning of January and has three excellent months, experiences a slight loss in April but knows that it is nothing to be concerned about. Person B joins in April and immediately jumps ship! My advice is always think long term.


January                +£223

February              +£240

March                   +£229

April                      -£128

May                       +£16.10

June                      +£370

2017                       +£950.10


Master Racing Tipster

First deficit for this year came in May with a loss of £125. Up to that it was achieving an average profit of £193 but looking at previous results this is nothing to be concerned about. June is up £76


January                +£253

February              +£344

March                   +£155

April                      +£21

May                       -£125

June                      +£76

Total                     +£724


And that is all folks! As you can see I’m busy but all in a good way. If there’s one thing you do on reading this today I would strongly advise signing up to the free tips that Betting Gods (click here to get your free tips) send on a daily basis. They hand pick from one or more of the services they manage and you’ll regularly find yourself with some decent winners.


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