Accumulator Generator Showing Its True Potential For Huge Profits

Accumulator Generator which offers a £1 for the first 14 days membership is really beginning to show its true potential and with it now officially one month into using the service things are looking extremely positive with the prospect of just under €450 profit coming my way should two teams win tonight in their Europa League encounters.



After cashing in the weekend slips which saw me earn over €350 profit I invested another €200 into the midweek matches across Europe and as it stands 2 have returned free bets, one returned a profit of €54, four are still open and one has the potential for another free bet which is a strong position to be in. My bets were all placed on Monday when the software system presented at least 50 different accumulator options and I decided to stick with the accas which had odds ranging from 2/1 up to 6/1. The choice is there for higher priced accumulators but it goes without saying the lower the odds the more regular the wins come. On the 47 accumulators I have placed so far the average odds per bet comes in just over 7/2 which I’m very happy with. One thing I forgot to say in my post earlier this week is one of the reasons why Accumulator Generator has long term profitability is down to the FREE BET REFUND you will get if one leg lets you down. This is when you can use your free bet and lay it off to guarantee profit regardless of the outcome and therefore your initial loss of lets say €25 is in fact maybe only €5. For example the two bets below show you how I have secured two free €25 bets today as Liverpool were the only side of the 5 fold to let me down and if Arsenal win later on I will have that other free bet coming my way.



My strategy on both of these will probably see me backing a horse as close to the off as possible while laying it off on Betfair to guarantee me anything between €16-€20.


For my remaining four open accas I am in a very strong position with at worst I’ll get my money back for more free bets or at best a profit of €393 should both Arsenal and Everton win which will make the overall midweek profit €447. If I had a choice of one team winning tonight it has to be Arsenal but lets hope for both!




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