A 45/1 Masters Winner & Football Betting Profits

What an amazing win by Sergio Garcia in the Masters made even more enjoyable with an each way bet on at odds of 45/1! It couldn’t have been any better for all of us who took advantage of the 30 day trial offer for just £1 from Golf Betting Expert last week as Sergio was one of his recommended picks for the tournament. I’ve been a huge fan of Sergio for many years and I’m so delighted that he’s finally claimed a major win. Another person very happy with last nights returns is David Gallagher who very kindly sent me a lovely email this morning which you will see below.



It was a pleasure to receive this as I’m never too sure if many people follow my recommendations but this really makes the efforts all worthwhile. I started a blog specifically to highlight to others the good and particularly the bad betting services and systems out in the marketplace. I was so fed up of being peddled so much rubbish, claims of extreme wealth etc. etc. and set out like I do today to find the very best there is for you to consistently earn a little bit of extra income. There are times when I get it wrong but at the moment I reckon my portfolio is probably the best it’s ever been and later this week I’ll be recommending a few more betting services that like those listed below are producing excellent regular profits on a monthly basis.  If you’re interested in building your betting portfolio make sure to check my Twitter feed for when my next post goes live.


Let’s now move on to how the portfolio is performing to date:


Golf Betting Expert

I’ve got to start here! As you’ve already read it was a bumper start with a massive 45/1 win coming in on the Masters AND a place on Paul Casey at odds of 50/1 returning a monster £617.50 to just £10 stakes. This was the third week in a row that one of the selections came in first and for those lucky enough to have signed up earlier well done as you’re over £1,800 better off!

If you’ve not yet signed up I’d highly recommend doing so even if to only trial for the 30 days at only £1. The season is now in full swing (no pun intended!) and we’ve got some superb tournaments coming up so don’t miss out. 


Results (Recorded to £10 Stakes)

April                       +617.50


Get access right here for just £1


Football Value Tips

After a great month of results in March with 14 points profit earned April has started very strong with 19.79 points profit achieved to date. On the year to date it now stands at 79.75 points or in simple money terms using stakes of £10 is at £797.50 profit. The selections are very straightforward every week with an average of 6 bets across every weekend. This is a simple set and forget i.e. no in-play bets or trades.


Results (Recorded to £10 Stakes)

January               +£184.60

February             +£275

March                  +£140.00

April                     +£197.90

Total                     +£797.50


Check out all of the results here


Dead Certs

Slow start to April with a deficit of just under 1 point to date but March finished very well with 13.45 points profit and the tally for 2017 is now at 75 points (£750 @ £10 stakes). Like Football Value Tips this service offers approx. 6 bets per week and has been profitable each month as you’ll see below.


Results (Recorded to £10 Stakes)

January      +£328.50

February     +£295.50

March          +£134.50

April             -£8

Total             +£750.50


Dead Certs is available via Football Value Tips


Football Betting Alerts

The month of March also returned in positive figures with an overall profit of £172 to £10 stakes. Betfair crashing mid month didn’t do the overall returns any favours but like February it was a good month and two months into the service it has given a return of £398.


Not the best start to April however as a newly launched first half draw lay hit a bad patch and was then reverted to testing mode only. That did cause the bank to take a hit but I’m glad to report that normal service has resumed and while the month is showing a loss of approx. £150 I’m not concerned one bit. Its just a pity that those lays performed like they did but there are times when days go the opposite to what you expect. As always the key is long term thinking and a positive mind set.


Results (Recorded to £10 Stakes)

February              +£226

March                   +172

April                      -£150

Total                      +£248


For full list of results click here


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